Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hooooooold on there, Cow-maker...


Good ol' meat. As global population is expected to exponentially increase the next few decades, meat consumption is expected to do so, as well. Increased meat consumption leads to greater environmental pressures, health concerns, and energy needs. Writer Mark Bittman alludes to better waste management, eliminating subsidies, improved farming methods, innovative technology, and a return to grazed beef.

School children won't be eating beef for a while. School districts across California, including Orange County, have stopped accepting beef for the past two weeks from Hallmark Meat Packing, Co. after one its Chino-based suppliers, Westland Meat Co. was videotapped inhumanely treating ill cows. Yeah...I'd be scared, too. The State Department of Education sent an alert to all affected schools. What's happened since then? Irvine Unified School District has removed Westland from their beef supplier list, and Irvine-based In-N-Out has ended all contracts with the company.

No beef for me tonight,

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