Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UCI Dining Concept Map

UCI Dining contracts with Aramark, which is in charge of Residential and Retail Dining. Residential Dining includes Mesa Commons, Brandywine Commons, and Pippin Commons. Retail Dining includes the following:
  • Student Center Eateries: Wendy's, Quizno's, Zot N’ Go Market, Tortilla Express, Bene Pizza & Pasta, Greens to Go, Rice Garden, Starbucks, Tortilla Express,
  • Social Sciences Plaza Cafe
  • BC’s Cavern
  • Phoenix Grill
  • Anteatery
  • School of the Arts Java City
  • Engineering Cart
  • Hewitt Cart
  • Bistro by the Bridge
  • C3 Convenience Stores
  • Medical Plaza Kiosk
  • Athletic Facilities Concessions
The Anthill Pub & Grill and Cafe Expresso are the two retail dining locations that are not under contract with Aramark.

SYSCO is a major food provider for Aramark, which then contracts with food conglomerates like ConAgra Foods. ConAgra Foods contracts with small food production companies, distributors, and packers. These production companies contract with farmers.

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