Monday, April 21, 2008

International Food Crises: The Dinner Table's a bit Shakey

Two National Public Radio stories this morning:

All Things Considered, April 21, 2008 · Global food shortages and a faltering U.S. economy are hurting food banks. Leaders in the food bank community are finding creative ways to cope. Two food-bank organizers discuss their approach to the problem. Deborah Flateman, CEO of the Maryland Food Bank, and Bob Evans, president of the United Food Bank in Mesa, Ariz., discuss their approaches to the problem in a conversation with Melissa Block.

Day to Day, April 21, 2008 · In honor of Earth Day this week, we offer a series of conversations about food's footprint. Alex Chadwick talks to Dr. Gina Solomon, a senior scientist with the National Resource Defense Council, about how the food we eat contributes to greenhouse gases. Here's the link to the carbon calculator discussed by Dr. Soloman.

Click the links above to hear the segments.

Unless local food systems are established, the dinner table's going to continue to shake.

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