Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ladder arguments for GMOs.

In response to one of my acquaintance's speeches on genetically modified foods.

"I was beguiled by your GMO essay. It is a fencing issue.

I do want to expand on your population argument. While some may see a correlation between increased food production & land with increased amount of land (which has limits), food distribution is a more probable cause to the ailing food crisis.

There are a billion people in the world who don't get the right amount of calories to live. Then, there are a billion people in the world who actually overeat. Nearly a quarter of the US population is considered 'obese'. Not overweight, but obese.

Yes, GMOs may be healthier and tastier than processed foods. Granted, we won't know the concrete data until cohort studies are done. But who will be left standing in the end if we find that GMO foods have higher probabilities of human fatality -

GMO eaters or unprocessed/non-GMO/chemical-free eaters?

Unfortunately, life isn't about probabilities. We've been eating unprocessed, non-GMO, chemical-free foods for centuries. And we've lived.

'I thought about the documentary on the previous day, but I just ate it, because I was just hungry and also thought it was healthier than junk foods.'

Growing up in the United States, I've been a product of conventionally-grown, GMO-, pesticide- and herbicide-run food for the first twenty years of my life. I understand your sentiments. Granted, I'm still living.

However, education does some things to you. I don't want to sound egotistical, but I want the best life for myself. I'm also at a point where I want the best for others, too."

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