Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hai and a farm.

Dozens of unknown spices. Grey water. Loads and loads of books. A stench bringing back memories of unclean rooms. Language of little comprehension.

I’ve arrived in Davis, yearning to adorn the next twelve weeks in a summer intensive program and a summer intensive lifestyle. While I do feel a bit unsettled simply due to different surroundings, I find myself at ease. I crave for the uncomfortable. I long for adventure. The next three months will leave me a changed human being. Vegan cuisine, seed planting, food production, freedom of speech, copacetic human beings, and copious knowledge.

I am not the "average" Orange Countian. I am not the "average" Davis cooperative-ian. I am an individual with vested interests for what the world has to offer and what I can offer it. I am here for reasons. I come with no expectations, lack of judgment, or sneering comment. Halcyon experiences are all I desire.

Who knows, at least I’ll find myself knowing spices, using grey water, reading books galore, and loving this stench.

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