Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Undergraduate Graduate School

In the last three hours, I have felt like an undergraduate graduate student.

I am attending Terra Madre, a Slow Food International gathering of over 1,600 food communities this fall in Turin, Italy. It will be the best midterms week I will ever have. Connecting and organizing thoughts will be on the itinerary, but my Google Calendar has yet to express that.

In the next year, I am pursuing a UC Irvine Food Assessment, asking if an institution of over 30,000 mouths can be sustained from the production, distribution, and consumption of the local Orange County community. I've just started mapping resources for future research.

In the midst of it all, challenging my community and garnering campus support for a 20% shift to real food in my university by 2020.

I love my life.

But now I eat!

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