Thursday, August 18, 2011

My calling.

I often wonder why I'm called to do what I do, or I find myself doing what I do. Why I've applied to multiple jobs since I've graduated and haven't gotten them. With the jobs I've gotten, the circumstances didn't work out, and later realizing that it just didn't entirely suit me.

What I'm called to do and what I do doesn't necessarily fair well with our industrialized society. Every day, I'm confronted by enforced realities of paying, buying, and expending.

What I do, and more importantly, who I am, is rooted in the power of people and the planet. It always will.


HoftheM said...

I saw you on PBS recently and you became my hero. Watched your U Tube videos and got inspired. You are an amazing wonderful human and an example of whats good in America.

wearehowweeat said...

I'm on PBS? Love PBS! Thank you HoftheM for your kind comments.