Wednesday, August 3, 2011

three days to #foodandfreedom rides

it hasn't been until recently that i often find myself having to balance out the oppression of my past (realizing that the stories are similar of poor vietnamese immigrants) with the joy of the solutions and new ideas of the [food] movement. i have felt for a while that there will be a future point time in which a large % of us who grew up in an industrial world will need to heal ourselves and heal others - emotionally, physically, etc. - a "the shit hits the fan" type of ordeal. some of us (you?) are already doing that. but there will be others who are suffering and being impacted the worst. how will people respond? with violence? with love and respect for each other? i hope and try to manifest the latter.

identity and voice in the [food] movement are major questions i have. it's one of the reasons i'm on these rides and going through this upcoming journey. i need to find others who feel identity- and voice-less, or have another way of thinking about "food justice", even in the sustainable ag/public health/obesity/prevention circles. i mean, these circles are already progressive from the political right. but there are folks out there who don't have the luxury, time, or energy to think about and study "food justice" like we may do. these folks are in the frontlines, in "survival mode" - who need the most healing. and the craziest thing is that even though i don't want to identify, i am those "folk" - in the frontlines, "in survival mode", needing the most healing. if anything else, i have the privilege to see and understand all of these circles and perspectives and connect resources to needs, hearts to hearts.

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