Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I invite you to the table...

Collared white shirt. Black pants. Leather shoes. Thirteen-year-old tie. I was ready.

Some fellow students and I met with Jack McManus, Director of UCI's Dining and Hospitality, and Robert Perez, Regional Director for Aramark Company. It was an inviting site of dedicated students who find interest in this issue. Kelsey, Matt, and I - who have already been a part of Students for Sustainability on campus. Yvette, who's completing her senior research thesis on fair trade. And Ryan, who I networked through Irvine Students Against Animal Cruelty, joined in on the talks merely 48 hours before meeting Jack and Robert.

Initial thoughts? I appreciate people who will actively listen, engage, and do. These administrators are open ears towards student involvement, realizing that this is just as much a learning experience as it is for us students. It was a conscious effort to head into the meeting without any preconceived notions and make it clear that this is a start of a prolonged dialogue among one another. Sustainable food systems don't happen over night, and I'm ecstatic for their open-mindedness and being receptive to student concerns.

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